Our journey so far

Welcome to Social Token Management, a management group that specializes in identifying creators with interesting use cases for launching their own cryptocurrency. Our focus is to help these creators amplify their ability to grow their coin in healthy and meaningful ways. With 30+ years of combined talent management, we can guide creators through their coin launch with an easy and effective solution that will maximize community engagement and coin growth. If you are a creator with a sizable following, strong engagement, and a curiosity about social tokens, please head over to our contact us page and let’s book a time to talk about it!

Social Tokens Launched

What people are saying

Some great testimonials from our launched creators.


We onboard, manage and invest in your token.

Set Goals

What are your goals with launching a coin? Is it for community growth? Engagement? Are you interested in launching your first NFT project? STM will discuss these goals at length with you and help you put together a plan of action to kick off your crypto journey.

Profile Building

STM will work directly with you to design the messaging and utility for your coin launch and can offer frequent check-in meetings to refresh messaging/utility as needed.

Utility Builds

Have a lot of use case ideas for your coin but not sure where to start? Our team has exhaustively reviewed most use cases that exist in the space and can tailor a bespoke solution that will be meaningful and effective.


Math not your strong suit? Not familiar with how social tokens behave in a free and open market? STM will work in tandem with you on not just a launch plan but also a go-forward strategy to help ensure your coin has a long and successful journey.


It is very likely your community is going to have some in-depth and knowledgeable questions for you about the social token space. We are here to arm you with the information needed to answer those questions thoughtfully and in your own voice and brand.

Powerful Integrations

Super charge your community with powerful use case Discord bots for the use of your Creator token for your Discord community. Our Discord wizards will set them up for you and integrate them with your server, while advising you on what everything can be done and included within the integrations